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it depends on the game, but in general, shinyhunting doesn't take too much attention, so it's a good idea to shinyhunt while watching a movie, as long as said movie doesn't require you to pay too much attention to it (so don't go for like, Inception or something). If you're soft resetting (for a legendary/starter/gift Pokémon), rather than going for wild encounters, don't get too distracted; I've seen too many youtubers get distracted for just a moment and SR over their shiny.

I can give you more advice depending on which version(s) you're planning to hunt in and, if necessary, the Pokémon you plan to hunt.
@KRLW890 alpha sapphire is my version. Thanks for the tips!!
In Alpha Sapphire, the easiest method is chain fishing, right?
Yeah, that and hordes

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This is how I shiny hunt. It may not be the best, but it works.

Have a Pokemon with Sweet Scent and use it because you are five times more likely since there are Pokemon at a time in a horde battle.

Optional: False Swipe Pokemon, Shiny Charm

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