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Ive Been In Route 6 And Cant Find
Honedge In Tall Grass Plz Heal

Not sure. I do know that it is uncommon to find Honedge in grass at Route 6, but it shouldn't be this rare. It's sort of like how I was looking for Kangaskhan in Glittering Cave, but it just never showed up. Sorry I couldn't inform you of what might have happened.

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Honedge has a 15% chance of appearing on Route 6, just keep looking. If you still can't find one you can try placing a Pokemon with Magnet Pull at the front of your party, it changes Honedge's chance of appearing to 50%.

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Honedge is on route 6 and it is not very rare I think you were just very unlucky.

keep searching because it is definatally on route 6.

hope I helped !