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So basically I have 3 Pokemon so far that I want to be on my starting lineup, blaziken breloom and (vintage/ flygon when it evolves) I wanted to also use wobbufet but I just realized he cannot learn any moves then the ones he already has ( counter, mirror coat, destiny bond and safeguard) so I decided he won't be on my finaly six, I also know I wanted to get a lantern because of the water/eltric typing so that leaves 2 spots available for other Pokemon, I want to have a ghost type on my team and a psychic type I was thinking maybe a mismagius and a Medicham but I have no idea, some help would be much appreciated :)

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Pretty sure ingame team questions are not allowed.

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I used a dusclops because he's super tanky and he helped a lot. After you beat the villainous teams and calm the legendary Pokemon you can catch rayquaza at sky pillar which is nice because he pretty much destroys the elite four. Until then medicham is pretty good and I also like crobat

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Thank you I think Ill probably roll with disclosure, I love crobat I had one back in the day when I got emerald when it first came out, I would get a crobat but I'm playing on an emulator on my phone so idk how I would trade to get one, I think I'm going to roll with kecleon instead of a Medicham because I already have 2 fighting types on my team, and Ive always loved kecleons ability, it's just his base stats aren't too good.
you don't have to trade for crobat you get him with happiness