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So I'm playing emerald and deciding between a Breloom or Vileplum for my team keep in mind I'm still early game and I don't much Pokemon and I'm playing on getting a flygon for my flying type.

No I like Breloom a little better honestly but I already have Combusken as a a fighting type, I don't I hardly use I don't really like any other grass type.


My team so far:

Flygon isn't flying type
You might as well use both right now since you could spare 2 slots (seeing you only have 3 pokemon so far), and take out whoever you don't like until you get someone else to fill in
So it's just Dragon?  As long as It can learn fly I'm good.
Flygon is Dragon/Ground

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You should go with Breloom. It will help you in the long run. It will destroy 2 of the 4 champions and also help with the champion. It's effective against 3 of the gyms and is a good Physical attacker.

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Breloom, Breloom, Breloom

Even though you have Combusken, still get Breloom. You get it as a Shroomish very early in the game, plus with Mach Punch and it's amazing Attack stat, you're bound to destroy Wattson, Norman, Archie and Sydney with it.
The moves I would recommend for Breloom is Mach Punch, Poisonpowder, Sky Uppercut, and your choice of move.

Hope I helped!