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My team:
Lv:36 Swampert: Mud Shot, Surf, Take Down, Water Gun
Lv:35 Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Wing attack
Lv:35 Manecetric: Thunderbolt, Spark, Quick Attack, Howl
Lv:35 Breloom: Mega Drain, Mach Punch, Headbutt, Leech Seed
Those are my main team members, the rest are indefinite, I have a Sharpedo with Surf, a Wailmer, a Graveler, Duskull, and a Cecleon. Please be nice I've never played Pokemon and the cartridge was an old gift from a friend.

Spamming Surf is a pretty good option, since it hits both opponents (and in Gen 3, doesn’t hit allies) and is super effective on 3 of their Pokémon. If Sharpedo knows a Dark move, that can help with Xatu.
If your other Pokemon, like Sharpedo or Wailmer, are lower than level 35, then having them catch up with your team isn't worth the experience. Manectric should be able to move before Claydol uses earthquake, so I think you should use thunderbolt on Xatu and then spam surf like the KRLW person suggested. If that doesn't work, then you can level grind Swampert by 1 level and try again.
why did you keep water gun instead of teaching surf?
The kawichu person did teach surf...

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I recommend using swampert and sharpedo and just use surf over and over, it should do the trick

You can also use water weather ball and rain boosted surfs. Not as reliable but more power