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I think we can all agree the second Gym Leader is hard. No matter what Pokemon you have, it's nearly impossible. Here's what I've done so far to beat it:

I have gone to Slateport, and delivered the Devon Goods.
I've caught Pokemon like Minum and Oddish to help.
I've defeated almost every person in Slateport and Dewford.

And I still cant beat him. Does anyone have any strategies to easily beating him?

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Who's the second gym leader again? What type? Also, what level are yours and the gym leaders Pokemon? Wait... The second gym is fighting, right? Roxanne?
Yes its fighting, but its not Roxxane, she's the 1st gym leader
I found it seriously easy due to my taillow
So talliow and Sableye. Got it. Thanks guys.
i used peck with combusken and confusion with kirlia. thats all it took for me
Wing Attack Zubat

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Go catch a sabyle in the cave. Trust me

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Yeah.... Brawly is one of the tougher ones, but Sableye is definitely the way to go LOL. he won't land any of his fighting type moves. Go to Dewford cave and grab one
On it. Thank you guys.
I wish sableye has wonder guard....
My Combusken never broke a sweat with Brawly, for some odd reason. It didn't have Brave Bird back then, but it still survived. Maybe it was the fact that it had Double Kick...
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You just have to level your Pokemon to a higher level. I suggest levelling up treeko. Or you could catch a taillow and level it up as well.
You can catch a taillow outside rustboro city.
As you have battled all trainers you have to level it up in the wild.
Or you can get the exp share and level up both Pokemon at the same time.

Hope I helped.

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The second gym leaderis brawly. Try catching a flying type Pokemon, level them up and you should be fine.
Trust me, i've beaten this gym leader twice.

How do you beat him twice?
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Either caught a Sabyle in Granite Cave, or you could switch train an Abra until it levels up and evolves into Kadabra then it will have good Psychic STAB to use against his entire team. Catch a Ralts earlier on in the game if you dont want to use Kadabra then level it up it will have Confusion by then and it will be good against some of his team. Hopefully, this helps

Sableye can't evolve, which means it's stuck with bad stats for the whole game. Kadabra works great, though.
I know that Sableye has poor stats, that's why I put the alternatives.