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Just wondering if there is any reason other than 'because gamefreak wanted/made it that way' why these Pokemon didn't get this ability. I mean, how could they NOT!? 4 arms each!? c'mon...


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Well, they are made out of rock, not steel, so that would be kind of wierd :P. The number of arms they possess would make no difference. Also, do their current abilities not suit them well? I think they do. 2 more things to think about is that Iron Fist did not exist when Graveler and Machamp were introduced as Pokemon, and Graveler doesn't learn very many moves that would benefit from Iron Fist, while Machamp has No Gaurd Dynamic Punch to abuse, so even if it had Iron Fist, nobody would use it.

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I was just looking at the physical atributes, that's all. Punching with two fists at a time, rather than one I thought would have packed more power, especially with the elemental punches. Graveler, OK, those other arms are kinda small and yes, his current abilities do suit him. Machamp, yes No Guard/Dynamicpunch is lethal, but Steadfast was given in gen V, maybe that could have been Iron fist? Steel has nothing to do with the name iron fist:- Golurk, Hitmonchan, Ledian (Ledian making my point)? There have been worse ability 'upgrades' introduced in later generations than this
I know that it's typing has notihng to do with th ability, hence the ":P"
got it, hard to pick sarcasm in just text :)
Yeah :(
None of the iron fist pokemon are steel types.... Not Jackie chan. Not infernape. Not golurk. Not conkeldurr. Only commonality: there all bipedal and two handed, and the majority are fighting types, though golurk learns a lot of fighting type moves
yeah, redshift was making a joke, I just didn't realise at first, and no, not all two handed: Ledian has four, which was my only justification for the question
Oh forgot about ledian. Nvm