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If yes, how does it affect? Also Power Swap?

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I can never get those two right.

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Perversity reverses the effects of stat buffing/de-buffing moves like Nasty Plot, Memento, etc. VALUE changing moves like Power share, Guard share, or swaps will have no influence.

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Yay. I actually guessed it correctly.
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The stat boosts stay applied to that stat. Suppose I have an attack stat of 100, and a defense of 200 my stats lowered when the foe uses screech 3 times. This will raise my defense 6 stages. After using a swap move, the boost still applies to my defense, so before swapping, I had an attack of 100 and a defense of 800. Now after power swapping, The stat boosters are applied to my new defense of 100, making a total of 400. It won't affect the boosts themselves.

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