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I know it affects the stats of the enemy if it uses a move to change its stats but what if, let's say, an Inkay used Swagger. Will it have the same effect or will it lower the target's attack?

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This Ability inverts all changes to the stat stages of a Pokémon with this Ability; if an effect would lower a stat, it is increased instead, and if an effect would increase a stat, it is decreased instead. Effects that change a Pokémon's stats without affecting stat stages, such as burn and paralysis, are not affected by Contrary.
This also applies to self-inflicted changes, such as Curse and Leaf Storm. This Ability only inverts the changes when they are applied; it does not passively cause all existing changes to reverse; therefore, if the Ability Contrary is no longer in effect or the stats are Baton Passed, all existing stat stage changes remain the same. Stats Baton Passed onto a Pokémon with Contrary are not reversed.

Yes, Contrary will reverse all stat changed inflicted onto a Pokemon with Contrary. So yes, Contrary would cause Swagger to lower attack, if Swagger is used on a Pokemon with Contrary. Contrary does not, however, reverse any stat changes that are inflicted onto the enemy of a Pokemon with Contrary, unless, of course, the enemy also has Contrary.


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Thanks! Maybe I should have kept Swagger on my Inkay.
I think you misunderstood. Inkay, who has Contrary, DOES NOT lower your opponents attack with Swagger. It will still increase it.

If your opponent uses Swagger on Inkay with Contary, INKAY's attack will lower. Only the Pokemon who has Contrary will have their stat changes inversed.
Yes contrary only affects the owner of the ability. Eg. If Serperior uses leaf storm, it's Special Attack rises, but if it uses swords dance, it's attack decreases.
On the same example, if the enemy uses swagger on Serperior, Serperior's attack will be reduced (because of contrary.)
BUT if Serperior uses a similar move on the opponent, lowering their stats.... Their stats are still lowered, they are not raised UNLESS the enemy is also a contrary user. In a nut shell, contrary only affects the USER's stat changes, reversing them all.