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For example, in HG/SS, if I went into Cerulean cave, and my RNG happened to generate a Shiny Mewtwo, would the Mewtwo (which I have NOT started battling) be green like it's shiny, or would it still be purple?

Another example: Say I have the Blue Orb (HG) or Red Orb (SS) and I go to Embedded Tower. Would the unencountered Kyogre/Groudon be Purple/Yellow, or is it still Blue/Red?

Uhh, this question has been asked before.
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Well, I think I follow. No, in the field it will not be shiny.

Short and sweet.

I'll check bulbapedia for a source ans to confirm this. But I am pretty confident.

EDIT: Bulb doesn't really say much about this happening but I will link you too their page on shiny's anyway.


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It's right
So dat Mewtwo standing der would be Purple? Awww. :(
Sorry to disappoint. It will still be Green when you start battling tho. I think it was a mistake on GAME FREAKS part. Still. happy to help ;}