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Here is an example. It is impossible to get a shiny victini unless you used some kind of hacking system. Why did game freak make a shiny version of Victini and several other Pokemon if it's impossible to get one without hacking?

Why is it soooooo hard to get a GOOD answer for my question!!!

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Two reasons for this. Of course, only Game Freak knows the answer, though we can still speculate.

  • There needed to be Shiny sprites coded for those who hack the game and get Shiny versions of those Pokemon. It would be strange to have a Shiny Victini that looks the same as its normal form, even if it was obtained by hacking.
  • The more believable reason is this: what would happen if Game Freak wanted to have a Shiny Victini event? If they were to make an event that was an exception to the unobtainable Shiny thing, they'd need to put Shiny sprites in the game's coding for the game to use.
    Of course, there never has been a Shiny Victini, but they likely put it in just to be sure. Besides, Shiny Pokemon please fans, so Game Freak might have just left some Shiny sprite surprises just for us to discover.
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This is in case hackers decide to make a shiny form themselves.

I actually asked this question once - they just do this so if hackers try to glitch up the game by attempting to get a Shiny Zekrom or something, then there is a shiny form already available for them to make sure that the game doesn't get ruined.

Hope I helped. :)
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Beat you to it. :p
I understand what your saying but I just don't get why gamefreak made shiny versions of the un obtainable pokemon when in order to get it is hacking
But why does the unabtainable pokemon have a shiny version in general? Aren't they against hacking?
Well yes, they are against it - but they still know that stuff like Action Replays exist, so they want to prevent the game from exploding.