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Let's take Delibird as an example. It can learn a gargantuan 1 move during level up and 39 through TM. It has a BST of 330, shoddy typing, doesn't evolve, and is never used anywhere. It's highest stat is 75, and that's in Speed.

Delibird may be a gimmick Pokemon though. Let's go to another Pokemon now.

I used Beautifly here, but same thing with Dustox. 3-stage evolution line ends in a disappointing 385 BST. It learns more moves, but its shoddy typing gives it a x4 weakness. It's highest stat is below 100, and is an overall disappointment. And Wurmple is worse. A BST of 195 to other Pokemon in the beginning of a 3-stage evolution line's 310. Awful abilities, highest stat is 45, and should never be used.

Why does Game Freak make these Pokemon?

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Pokemon was not just to be used in competetive battles. It was in a way meant to mimic real life. There are weak animals and plants in life. Of course there are gimmicks like delibird. But lets look at sunkern. It's just a 1st stage blooming seed. Just a seed. Whatever a seed can do sunkern can do. Pokemon wouldn't be that fun with just medium and strong Pokemon. We need weaklings in our life. They complete the chain, make us appreciate the strong, and gives us something to laugh at. I for one am glad gamefreak made weak Pokemon. It's pretty much just a balancing factor. I hope you start taking weak Pokemon into consideration

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Thanks :)
This is what I love about Pokemon, and this is what I hate about the competitive concept of the game. I mean, in-game it's always good to see that fisherman wishing to beat me with his herd of Magikarp. It just wouldn't be the same if there weren't any weak Pokemon to battle. +1 ;)
I love ingame and competetive. Ingame gives me more of a reaxing form of fun while competetive gives me an adrenaline rush. I like both aspects.