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Mega Kangaskan was the king of gen 6. Then, in Gen 7, it became almost useless with the parental bond nerf. However, Mega Rayquaza, who was much more powerful (Got banned from Ubers) stayed just as OP. why?

It might be because Mega Rayquaza is a legendary, so was intended to be OP. Plus he's sort of meant to be seen as a superior to Groudon and Kyogre, so he had to be even stronger than those two other legendaries. They may of thought Mega Kangaskahn was too powerful for just a normal Mega.
Kangaskhan got 8% and 19% usage in VGC and BSS last month. How is it almost useless?
*Kangaskhan Power-up Punch, Fake-Out, Return, Earthquake*

Anyways, Parental Bond (did not directly) use to boost moves power by 1.5 without a choice band, and have 2 chances of activating their effects. When is that not OP?
Am the only person who uses Avalanche and drain punch Kangaskhan?
Yes you are. Everyone else uses power-up punch and ice punch.
I meant more useless.
I use Power Up punch too

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My guess is that Kangaskhan was a Pokémon legal for use in VGC and Battle Spot, the most prominent official formats, while Rayquaza could only be used in the Free Battle Spot, which isn't as formal as the others. Kangaskhan became outrageously overused and off-balanced the entire VGC meta, the format officially endorsed by Game Freak and the Pokémon Company for competitions, so it was an urgent matter that needed to be fixed. Rayquaza, on the other hand, only affected the FBS, a format that was always kind of meant to just be a place to mess around in and not be all that competitively balanced.

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