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For example, Heracross's Mega Stone is the Heracronite, Houndoom's is the Houndoominite, and Altaria's is the Altarianite. Why not just use Heracrossite, Houndoomite, and Altarite respectively?

Silly question.

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Because Game Freak does what Game Freak wants.

Honestly, we have no idea why GF does what they do. There's a phrase called "Game Freak logic" that is used to answer this sort of thing. It's really the only explanation.

If it were up to me, I would have made all of the Mega Stones flow nicely, not just jam -inite at the end of the Pokémon's name. Here's what my version of some of the weirder Mega Stones are:

  • Blastoisite
  • Kangaskhite
  • Heracrite
  • Houndoomite
  • Glalite

These are the only ones I rename, because I think they're original names are ugly (Glalitite? How do you derive that from Glalie?).

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Dragonite's mega stone would be called... uh idk :P
Maybe Dragonetite? Or Dragonitite?
It would be... the Dragonite O.o

And Yanmega would hold the Yanmegite to become Mega Yanmega
Don't forget Mega Meganium.
Imagine if you named your player Dragonite... Dragonite's Dragonite is reacting to Dragonite's Mega Whatever!