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I've had Pokemon black 1 for a LONG time I played sadly almost everyday now I manged to catch all Pokemon you can (including the national also I used cheats to also get all of them in shiny form besides shiny-locked) and just about all of them are at lv 100 and now I don't know what to do with it so I'm bored.

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Well you could

*Battle Elite 4 again

*Explore and find easter eggs or secrets

*Since you said you have cheats hack into the games code and find things that were supposed to be implemented in the game

*Start a new game

OR wait for Pokemon X and Y to come out

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Congratulationz. You haz recieved my last answer.

Long short story:

Battle all your friends, battle on wi-fi, try doing things without cheats, GET ANOTHER GAME.

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