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Which steel type Pokemon in LC is common and which of them in uncommon?

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As of now, there are 8 Steel types in LC.
Common: Magnemite, Bronzor.
Uncommon: Aron, Beldum, Shieldon, Ferroseed, Klink, Pawniard.

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Yes but which of them is common?
What do you mean?
I add it to my question
ferroseed and pawniard are common
Ferroseed is banned I believe due to it being in the RU tier.
No its not.  Munchlax isnt banned either even though its RU.
Well they are never used in LC so IDK
Oh common
FEAR Aron is common.
Not BA anymore if she is wrong. Anyone is free to make a new answer that is right
Ferroseed is quite common in LC, and Aron can be seen more than you would think, mostly for STAB Head Smash w/out recoil.
She is right. Bronzor to be more specific is on almost every team