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I know you can't DIRECTLY poison Steel-type Pokemon, but what about INDIRECTLY?? How about through Trick with Toxic orb or Fling (since Fling is Dark-Type). If these work, please tell me and can anyone tell me any other ways.


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i'm pretty sure it's impossible to poison a steel type but don't pay attention to me i haven't ever tried to poison a steel type so again i'm not much help to you
You can also poison steel types with the ability Corrosion that Salazzle and Salandit have.

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There is only one way to do it with one Pokemon: Kecleon.

An example of doing it is in this scene:

Lucario used Toxic!
Kecleon was badly poisoned!
Kecleon used Thunderbolt!
Kecleon is hurt by poison!
Lucario used Iron Tail!
Kecleon's Color change made it the steel type!

.....Other than a battle somewhat like this, it's impossible to poison a Steel type.

It works with Arceus too, you know.
toojosh is right I think effect spore can poison too
Can't you also have the pokemon hold ring target??
That is flippin genius. RING TARGET!!! I forgot about that item since i dont use it very much.
kewl that rocs
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Well there is other ways too. 1. Have a steel type pokemon use toxic on gardevoir. One of its abilties makes it so that if its poisoned then the opponents also poisoned. I know this works cause i once did it on a geodude. 2. Have the opponent hold the ring target. It lets moves that don't effect it hurt the pokemon. 3. have a golduck on your team and read the following:

A wild klink appeared!

golduck used soak! Klink is now a water type!

With this strategy you can change the opponents steel type into a water type, making it able to take poison type moves. Hope this helps!

Well, Yeah, but then it wouldn't be a steel type. It'd be Water. I've poisoned my Dustox too, Cascoon got poisoned before it grew to Lvl. 10 xD
bro, geodude isnt a steel type.