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I know Ash got sick with Tracy in " The Stun Spore Detour" in season 2. Did he get sick another time? If so, please list the episode's name and season. Please help me! Thank you!


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Well after perusing countless websites for around 45 minutes I can tell you that "The Stun Spore Detour" is the only episode Ash has ever been sick in.

Sorry I couldn't find anything else for you.

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Nope he get stomach pain many times if that counts :D
Lol I guess I should clarify sick xD

I don't think so :D Ik you were joking (at least I think so O.o) but for the record Stomach pains isn't defined as being sick.
nevermind. :)
Oh ok, Thanks anyway! :)
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Ash falls sick 2 major times in the anime.

EP110: The Stun Spore Detour

XY115: Battling at Full Volume!


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  1. Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands
    The Stun Spore Detour
    Ash gets stun spored by a wild Vileplume.

  2. Pokemon: Johto League Champions
    A Better Pill to Swallow
    Ash gets a stomachache after eating 5 hamburgers.

  3. Pokemon: Black and White
    A Venipede Stampede
    Ash gets poisoned after helping a wild Venipede that was hurt.

  4. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension
    Throwing the Track Switch
    Ash gets a stomachache after eating too much

  5. Pokemon: XYZ
    Battling at Full Volume
    Ash gets sick after training with Pikachu and Greninja in a cold river in the cold night.

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ash did get sick before in episode 170 by eating too much. and then an old man gave Ash shuckle juice from the shuckle and Ash thought it was for Pokemon only but it's actually for humans and Pokemon. it was called "A Better Pill to Swallow"