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(To anyone saying something along the lines of: Do it yourself, I can't. I have googled guides, and also, I don't have an RNG reporter that is compatible with my laptop.)

Can someone explain shiny frames to me? It's a very foreign subject to me and I'm sorry if I don't make much sense...

Is there a specific shiny frame that stays the same for all Pokemon? I heard that there is a time that you have to spend in the game before using sweetscent, then you can find a shiny. It's supposedly different for all games, what is mine? I have my ID and SID for Emerald right here... ( ID:13447 SID:65294) I haven't found a shiny in the game yet, if that helps somehow. LOL. I just want a shiny Trapinch...!

I love that shiny so much. >_<

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If we meet on chat i will make you a Shiny Trapinch.
Because i doubt anyone knows the anser to this.
I appreciate it, but no thanks. I prefer to find shinies on my own.
Who knows, someone may understand the gibberish i'm speaking.
lol i get ya BV xD

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Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare. The chances of getting a shiny is 1 in 8192. That is 0.0122% of finding one.
Unless you hack the game with a cheating device (but there is no fun out of that is there).

I have never heard of getting a better chance of getting a shiny by using Sweet scent before. Does that even work?

The shiny rate is the same on all games and all of the ID's. So different ID's won't change the rate of finding a shiny. Even if this was the case (Different ID's helping your chances of finding a shiny), It would probably be a -10% took off the 1 in 8192 chance of finding a shiny.

Hope I have helped xD

P.s. I have only found a shiny once in my lifetime and that was when I was atleast 10. It was a shiny Rosalea :( (Better than nothing I guess)

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