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In order to do 3rd gen trading, you must have a GBA Game Link Cable.

As usual, you'd go to the second floor of the Pokemon Center and talk to one of the ladies to go to the Union Room. (There was no GTS in Gen 3)

You'd have to connect two Game Boy Advances with the Game Link Cable, with both of them having any of the 3rd gen games. (Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald)

Then, you'd start trading! :D

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Can you trade to 4th gen, to be able to trade to 5th gen And how so?
From 3rd Gen games (and only 3rd Gen) can migrate Pokemon to Gen 4 or Gen 5 games. (Not Gen 6 as it will be on the 3DS, a non-GBA console). This can be done by inserting the Gen 3 game at the bottom of the DS, and a Gen 4/5 game at the top of the DS. Go to the menu screen, and you'll find 'Migrate Pokemon from GBA' and follow the prompts. :)