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I only play Pokemon gen 3 games, and I was wondering if either
1) Anyone would like to trade, and
2) is there a forum or a chat room that would allow for me to organize a meet-up with other players of Gen 3 games.

Pretty sure they shut down the network some years ago, so you can't trade with people online anymore.
I wouldn’t think so, at least not on a large scale, since you can’t trade online. There might be small, local clubs in some areas that focus on trading in older games, though. You’ll probably be better off looking for small organizations in your area rather than an online forum.
Yeah I'll probably just internet search for local stuff. Thanks though!
I don't think so.
Oh. Thanks anyway.

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You can try r/Pokemontrades but other than that because Gen 3 isn't online I don't think you will be able to find many forums of people trading in Gen 3.

I'm just taking this question off the unanswered list because it was kind of already answered in the comments

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