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I was playing my gen3 Pokémon Emerald on my GBA yesterday, and as I was saving, my gameboy kicked off. I thought I knocked the power, but I went back and saw that the game save was gone. I played my Pokémon Sapphire and I was decently far in, and as I went to save, the same thing happened. I looked back and my older save was still there, but I couldn’t save without it crashing. I read something online and I think my games are corrupted. I still have a Pokémon Ruby, Leafgreen, and Firered that I haven’t played yet and I was wondering if you guys could confirm or deny it. I bought the games from WhiteDwarfCo and I thought it would be fine. I also considered the fact that my gameboy was messing with it seeing as how it’s a very old gameboy. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you all

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Woops, though I had bought form the comapny once on amazon. Turns out it was a different one.
Ur right. He is selling those games for waaaaaaaaay too cheap
Have you watched this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYyXjKXIfY0
I am hiding my answer now since it might be wrong...
Just from the linked images alone, the Gen 3 cartridges look legit; it’s a little hard to tell, since they’re pretty low-res, but the background designs are right, all the text is in the right place, and the ESRB rating is proportioned correctly. Do you have a Gen 4 game you could migrate the Pokémon to? That’s one of the best ways to know whether your cart is fake; the bootlegs never get Gen 4 compatibly right. If a Gen 4 game acknowledges the cartridge at all, even if it gives you some error message when to try to actually migrate Pokémon (due to save corruption), then it’s legit.

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I checked out WhiteDwarfCo's page, and there's a crucial piece of information on all of their store pages: "reproduction".

Reproduction cartridges are essentially "fake" carts that emulate the real game, and they're generally cheaper than the real games (the original Nintendo World Championships cartridge, for example, is so extremely rare that it's sold for thousands of dollars, but you could buy a reproduction cart for about 50 dollars to play the game on an artificial cartridge).

It's likely that they're poor quality and this is what's causing your games to corrupt.