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Since Pokemon X and Y are for the 3DS does this mean that they are gonna stop making Pokemon games for the DS?

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Unfortunately, yes I believe this is the end for Pokemon on a
Its like when Diamond came and destroyed Pokemon Game for the Gameboy[Sp].
So you better start saving those pennies and buy a 3DS.

There is an upside.
If they remake Hoenn there is a chance it will be on the DS, but its not a very big chance.

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i have 3ds so i dont have to save up for a 3ds
after a 3ds, a 4ds :D we will twist the space time continuem
it will be an amazing game i'm sure xD
@skitty101 Pokemon is a nintendo game, it can't be for consols that aren't nintendo such as:xbox xbox360 playstation1 psp(playstation portable), etc.
HOENN REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!