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Since Pokemon X and Y are for the 3DS does this mean that they are gonna stop making Pokemon games for the DS?

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Unfortunately, yes I believe this is the end for Pokemon on a
Its like when Diamond came and destroyed Pokemon Game for the Gameboy[Sp].
So you better start saving those pennies and buy a 3DS.

There is an upside.
If they remake Hoenn there is a chance it will be on the DS, but its not a very big chance.

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yeah, but I doubt that the remakes will be on the DS/DSi/DSixl :(
I do have enough to buy a 3DS, but its either a 3DS or a laptop @[email protected]
Not sure what to choose...
Laptop, you can get emulators on that.
pokemon should be 4 all consols
yeah, most probably I will go for the laptop, and yeah, I agree but it is reasonable that they move on from one console to the other :/
I think they mostly are doing this for quality. I mean, 3D is pretty cool.
so pokemon games will be on what platform next?
After the 3DS, we don't know. They won't bring the main series to the Wii U, but they may possibly make a few spin-off games on that console.
i have 3ds so i dont have to save up for a 3ds
after a 3ds, a 4ds :D we will twist the space time continuem
it will be an amazing game i'm sure xD
@skitty101 Pokemon is a nintendo game, it can't be for consols that aren't nintendo such as:xbox xbox360 playstation1 psp(playstation portable), etc.
HOENN REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!