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I restarted Black 2 a few months ago and today I connected to Game Sync, everything went well until I went to the Pokemon Global Link and tried to register it but since I still had my old Black 2 ID there it didn't let me register my new one. So does anyone know how I can delete the old one?

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In order to delete your Game Sync ID, we would need to confirm your registration. Please provide the following information by submitting a question at

  • Trainer Club account username
  • PGL nickname
  • Registered DOB, starting with the year
  • The country you live in
  • Current Game Card in use
  • Currently registered Game Sync ID

> When deletion of the registered Game Sync ID is completed, we will reply to your question. Then please register your new Game Sync ID.

Source Good luck getting it deleted!

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I done it
how long does it take to delete it?