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1) How does a Pokemon hold the Exp. Share? If it's worn on the head... move onto the next question.

2) What would happen if a Pokemon wearing the Exp. Share on its head used Headbutt? Or even worse, Zen Headbutt?


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The Exp. Share is actually a belt.

nah just kidding ;P

It's made of a special material that is extremely resistant to any and all damage or hits taken by it.

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Have people never heard of suspense of disbelief?

It's just like how they manage to set up tables, chairs and cookware in the anime despite only carrying a medium-sized backpack around with them.

For what it's worth, I always imagine that the held item is invisible and in another dimension, so it doesn't get damaged, nor does the Pokemon actually need to hold it. It's a good a way to visualise/ set your mind at ease as any.