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Also, how do I use it? I've heard about it, and it's confusing.


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PokEdit is an online Pokemon Editor. It's like PokeGen, but you don't need to download anything, meaning you can edit your Pokemon in your browser.

Basically, any Pokemon editing system allows you to create/ edit Pokemon, edit items, change the Pokedex, change Mystery Gifts, loading/ saving files, etc.

PokeEdit Website
^ That's the link, but it currently just tells me "502 Bad Gateway".

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It says the same for me -_-'  whats PokeGen?
http://projectpokemon.org/pokegen/ - PokeGen

PokeGen is the same as what's written in my answer; it's a Pokemon editing programme, but you need to download it onto your computer. When you go the PokeGen website, click "Download link and Other Information", and it will tell you what it does.