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I was playing soulsilver the other day, and my togepi used metronome which ended up being spacial rend! So what is the possibility of that happening?

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Well there are 467 moves in the soul silver and there are 24 moves that metronome cant use so since metronome randomly uses a move, it is 1/(467-24) = 1/443 which is about a .23% chance.
Legendary signature moves do not make a difference when considering metronome nor is any other really powerful move. A move like spacial rend has the same chance of appearing as a move like splash.

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funny that I've gotten splash twice and not a single legendary move once xD
i dont seem to get any other legendary move other than aeroblast which i get alot.  Its weird.
Ive gotten sacred fire a couple of times and the other day my togepi used aromatheropy twice in a row
I got a dark void in a tounament before!
I had roar of time then right after special rend then splash XD
I forgot to BA it. Sorry