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It says Ilex Forest... but you have to interact with it?


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Spiky Eared Pichu can only be obtained via an event that has now passed. It required a shiny Pichu that was given out via wifi.

Spiky Eared Pichu

As for a normal Pichu, you can't catch them in SS, so you will need to breed a Pikachu/ Raichu. You can get the former in Viridian Forest, and the latter you can only obtain by evolving Raichu.

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So, if I hatch a shiny Pichu, I could get it?
Oh, so unless I trade I can't get a female Pichu...
Wait but a shiny Pichu IS Pikachu-colored isn't it?
Yes normal shiny Pichu are Pikachu coloured, but this one is specifically called Pikachu-coloured Pichu. Without the event Pichu, you cannot get a Spiky Eared one.

You can get a normal Pichu, male/ female. All you need to do is to breed Pikachu/ Raichu.
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Spiky-eared Pichu

Ilex Forest, as you said.
>She will appear and join the player's party if the Pikachu-colored Pichu (or one of its evolutions) is brought to the shrine as the first Pokémon in the party. - Bulbapedia

Normal Pichu

Cannot be found in the wild normally. Instead, you can:

  • Trade it from another Gen IV game to your SoulSilver.
  • Breed a Pikachu/Raichu.
  • Migrate it from a Gen III game.