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Hello. I need to dex the last pokes to get the ticket to Nature Preserve. I miss Shuppet, Golett, Corphish, Tropius and Larvitar to complete it. Where can I catch them or dex it by fighting a trainer who had it? I'm playing Black 2. Thanks.

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Shuppet: none, breed Banette or get one from Dream World
= there are no in-game trainers with this Pokemon

Golett: none, breed Golurk or get one from Dream World
= Twist Mountain - Hiker Wade
= White Forest - Boss Trainer Abigail

Corphish: Route 3 or Striaton City, Surfing
= Moor of Icirrus - Fisherman Eustace

Tropius: Route 18, Grass or Double Grass
= Nimbasa City - Ace Trainer Charlie

Larvitar: none, breed Pupitar or Tyranitar or get one from Dream World
= Nimbasa City - PKMN Breeder Brooke
= Twist Mountain - Hiker Hunter


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