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So first off, Merry Christmas, I hope you ALL got what you wanted. Today, I got a 3DS and I downloaded Pokemon 3DS pokedex app off of the online store. I later came here and got all the ar codes and took pictures of the ones with pokemon. But what I don't understand is how to get the rest of the pokemon without trading them away. I know you are supposed to trade them with other people, but some of the legendaries came up and I thought, since Victini-Samurott came up, they all would. But is stopped at patrat?

So to summarize it all up: How do you get all the pokemon without trading, or is that impossible?

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Everyday you get three new Pokemon. Tomorrow you should see a little present on the upper right of the bottom screen. Tap it and you get a new Pokemon.

Got it! Thanks SO much!

P.S. Merry Christmas!
That's what happened to me but everyday u get three new Pokemon Data.
It didn't work. Should I wait another day?
A full day needs to pass.