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•Must have a Nickname
•Cannot be a Event Pokemon
•Must be a Steel type
•Must learn Giga Impact
•Must have a High Attack base stat
•Must be a Challenge to Obtain
•Can have a High Special Defence Stat(Optional)

Please help me


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Escavalier, Magneton, Steelix, Forretress, Metagross,Scizor, Mawile,Empoleon, Magnezone,
Bronzong, Lucario, Heatran, Dialga, Probopass, Excadrill, Klinklang, Ferrothorn, Durant, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Genesect, Bisharp, Aggron. I don't think I missed any steel Pokemon that learn Giga Impact.

I recommend Metagross
-Has a high Attack stat
-Can learn Giga Impact
-is a steel type
-challenge to obtain
-has a high Sp.Def and defense
-isn't event Pokemon

Hope I helped!

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-has high defense
-difficult to obtain
-is a steel type
-not an event Pokemon
-highish base attack stat
-you can give some weird nicknames if you think enough

EV trained in special def.,speed,and maybe attack,you should be fine with this large dragon like thing :)