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  1. Must not be Steel type.
  2. Must have Speed lower than 97 in most cases at level 100.
  3. Must be able to learn both a weak Steel type and weak Dragon type attack (or if not possible, a Dragon and Steel attack of the lowest power you can get them.)
  4. Optional, can learn moves to also cover Fire, Fighting, and Ground types with two moves.
  5. Must not be Smeargle.
No, at level 100.

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Well, Kind Of, It Depends. Gible Can Learn Metal Claw, and Twister, With a speed lowering Nature, it can have 80 speed at lvl 100. If You Want A Fully Evolved form, Then No, There are No pokemon that fit your Criteria. Diagla, Charizard, Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp can learn the moves you want, but have too high speed, except for Gible. So Gible Can Learn Aerial Ace, for Fighting, and Dig, or a Rock Move For Fire.

Hope This Helps:)

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Druddigon can learn Metal-claw and Dragon-tail both of which are statistically weak. His Speed can be as low as 90 at level 100. He can learn Surf(Fire and ground) and Aerial ace(Fighting) Several Pokemon can learn a combination of low powered Dragon type moves/Steel type moves and Hidden power(Which can be any type and can have Power as low as 30) EG. Twister and Hidden power or Metal Claw and Hidden power.

Though I do not understand why on earth you would want a Pokemon with that combination of moves.