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At lv 1 She already has a baby

Does Gamefreak even think? Is there some logic?

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Well, for the purposes of the games, that's how all Kangaskhan are. However in the anime, baby Kangaskhan look different.

^ A baby Kangaskhan.

Since Kangaskhan don't evolve, it'd be strange to make newly born ones look like that in the game. When will they turn into the 'bigger', 'grown up' Kangaskhan? There's no pre-programmed level for them to do so, and even if they did, wouldn't that be an evolution, even though Kangaskhan aren't supposed evolve?

It would actually make more sense that this baby Kangaskhan was a Baby Pokemon, but since that concept wasn't introduced until Gen II, Kangaskhan became a single evolution Pokemon, and remained as such because suddenly renaming a Pokemon's previous 'baby' form would probably seem strange...


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Game Freak logic Thats all I can say.There are just some things that make no sense with Game Freak.Like Mr.Mime can be female as well.with ''Mr.''

Well. Game Freak logic

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no its crazy but it would make sense if kangaskhan had a pre evolushon
because it would be a baby Pokemon

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