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Okay so the Battle Maison isn't the only replica at the Battle Resort. So are the trainers in them. So are they cloned or shipped?

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They got lazy and copy/pasted the Battle Maison file into ORAS.
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Same thing happened with Platinum battle frontier being cloned into HGSS. I've been wondering whether the Caitlin in the Unova elite 4 was from Johto or Sinnoh.

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For the Battle Maison and Battle Factory, GameFreak simply copied the data over from ORAS / HGSS respectively simply because it would be less work for them. These places have no significance to the in game storyline, so the trainer names and such are not important. So I guess, in your terminology, they are "cloned."

As for reoccuring characters in games such as Cynthia, Professor Oak, and Caitlin, they are meant to represent the same person, or as you call it, "shipped."

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