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Life orb Or Choice Scarf
Skill Link
Jolly or Adamant nature
Bullet Seed for coverage
Rock Blast for coverage
Tail Slap for STAB
Double Slap for better accuracy and STAB

Role is physical sweeper or deal as much damage as I can before I die and it is very hard to outspeed jollycino NOTE IF LIFE ORB MAKES U TAKE RECOIL EVERY MULTI STRIKE MOVE I LOSE 50 PERCENT HP SINCE ABILITY EACH TURN IF THAT HAPPENS THEN CHOICE SCARF 100 PERCENT NO MATTER WHAT. Sorry for caps wanted to emphasize that. Please Help.

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Since there is a Moveset Q already for Cinccino (link, ty JJ), I'll just say this.

You do not take Life Orb damage for every hit of a multi-hit move. You will only take 10% recoil damage after all 5 hits, not 10% for each time Tail Slap/ Bullet Seed etc. hit.

Also Double Slap is useless, because you will be choosing Tail Slap anyway. Even if that misses, Cincinno will get KO'd due to being so frail.

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There is one.  You probably just spelled cinccino wrong. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/13768/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-cinccino
Ah I did; TY for that.
Lol marz I think you should clear up the Life Orb statement. The two parts to that sort of contradict each other.
Sorry; I edited it to make it hopefully clearer..
Yes definitely better :)
Okay glad I made sense this time. o3o

Also, sing is a bit pointless on Cinccino because of the low accuracy. It's liable to miss and Cinccino will most likely lose most of its health. Give it U-Turn or Wake-up Slap instead of Double Slap.