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Im Restarting my emerald:) I've Figured out my team but I need Movests. However, if You have a really good replacement pokemon, I might trade 1 of the guys on my team for it:) This Is For A IN GAME TEAM! My future team will be:

Swampert: I Was Thinking: Earthquake, Dive(i don't feel like getting an hm slave, so I'll have 2 water moves, deal with my laziness!), Surf, and Ice Beam.

Absol: Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Slash, and Aerial Ace

Gardevoir: Psychic, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt

Cradily: Giga Drain, Toxic, Ancientpower, Confuse Ray

Skarmory: Fly, Spikes, Steel Wing, and Agility

Camerupt: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Eruption, Strength

Thanks For The Help:)

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Nice team! I would suggest these sets:

Swampert-a surfquake swampert is good. You could switch out dive for something like double team, seeing as you don't use dive very often. You wouldn't have to keep a pokemon in your party for the HM.

Skarmory-Spikes isn't very useful for in game battling seeing as the foe doesn't switch very much, and 25% off upon switching in won't help much unless they have a lot of pokemon, but that's what attacking moves are for. That's just my opinion though, you could replace it with metal sound (harshly lowers Sp def) It can be a great way since skarmory switches a fair amount, and you have a lot of special attacks at your disposal, so it could be a consideration, the stat dropping moves work great if you fight opponents underleveled and like a bit of challenge. If not, just stick with spikes.

Camerupt-Overheat would be good for him, I only say that because he has low speed, so he'll take a hit before launching an attack, and since eruption is based on HP, it won't be at full power. Being a fire type, he'll switch out a lot anyway, so The stat drop won't be much of an issue.

Can't really think of many other improvements for this team, it's pretty solid.

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I was about to hide it
Okay. No problem.
Thx, ill do what you said, cept im keepin spikes for the elite 4:)
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Now that's a nice, exclusively hoenn team. but come on, just get a Marill slave, replace surf with Muddy Water, thats a cool move, good chance to lower accuracy too, and if you find something better than Dive(shouldn't be too hard), USE IT. Now I know its stupid to ask YOU not to use Swampert, but Blaziken is pretty cool, and if you want a change give it a shot. I would probably get rid of Cradily though. for some reason, it's attack is better than it's special attack, but it has no good attack moves learnt by level-up to compliment that. Cradily can be frustrating, get a Salamence instead! Cant get any more hoenn than that!

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.....its a fact............
I used Blaziken in My Ruby, I Know How Powerful it is, but no, im still going with Swampert.
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Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, as I said, I didn't have much time. Night seems to be the only time I have, well, time. Incredibly busy during the day, tons of stuff, stuff that is incredibly important. Well, enough about me, time to get to work on the movesets, my real job on this site (editor comes second to this :P):

Swampert: Everything is good except for Dive, which isn't really that important. You keep it if you are sure you need it so much, but wouldn't you rather have a nice Rock Slide? And hey, even better, since you can't get Rock Slide until the Battle Frontier, you can keep Dive for until after the Elite 4 and then delete it for Rock Slide.

Absol: Ice Beam (yes it has higher attack but it is still a good move to have on another Pokemon), Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace/Slash/Body Slam/Return

Gardevoir: Psychic, Calm Mind, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

Cradily: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Toxic/Amnesia, Giga Drain

Skarmory: Fly, Toxic/Steel Wing, Roar, Spikes

Camerupt: Rest, Sleep Talk, Earthquake, Flamethrower/Eruption

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This Is FOR IN GAME!! YOU GAVE ALL COMPETETIVE MOVESETS! Soo Yeah, Plus, I Dont Know Where the move tutors are. And IM NOT Going to waste a ton of time getting bp for Rock Slide. All I Want, is an In Game Set, Mostly for the Elite 4.
Hey, this works well ingame too. What makes you think this isn't an ingame thing, except for the lack of unimportant HMs, which I excluded seeing as I myself don't have my main Pokemon use them. As for move tutors, Battle Frontier.
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Movesets look good enough and you got the HMs in there without sacrificing too many move slots.

I'm not a fan of Camerupt myself, it's slow and the 4x water weakness isn't great (you fight a lot of water pokemon!) I would replace with someone like Blaziken or Ponyta if possible. Houndoom is also a great choice but I don't remember if it's available, at least not early on.

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I like Camerupt, but maybe your right, I cant get Blaziken but ill think about replacing him with toarkoal, or something, but Camerupt only has 2 weaknesses......
Camerupt only has 2 weaknesses but one is 4x weakness to a very common type. Whereas Torkoal's extra weakness is Rock which isn't very common. Rock moves were hardly used before Stone Edge came in gen 4.

ALSO, Torkoal has high defense which protects well against Rock and Ground (mostly Physical). Camerupt has good attack and special attack but is slow and has worse defenses.
I think it only has solid rock (powers down..bla bla bla)to give you confidence, then, lets you faint anyway. and 4x water weakness? KILLER!
True..... but I think ill choose Camerupt, as this is completely in game, and im going to restart again when im done:)
GOD, I HATE 50 and all he knows is acid and ancientpower! soooooooooo useless lol
Well, thats mine at least
Hey, just got a Cradily nickname - piece of s**t\n      (n being a variable for replacements like garbage or c**p