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I'm going to restart my brother's Emerald version soon (he only played 25 hours) so I have a team plan, but I want feedback on the movesets due to the fact that things weren't so easy then. No Egg moves.

Swampert: Earthquake, Surf (HM needed), Brick Break, Rock Slide

Metagross: Earthquake, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Meteor Mash

Salamence: Fly (HM needed), Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Crunch

Breloom: Spore, Focus Punch, Swords Dance, Giga Drain

Dusclops: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Shadow Punch, Body Slam

Manectric: Thunder, Rain Dance, Bite, Thunder Wave

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Note: I am not asking for Pokemon, this is going to be my team. I just want movesets. By the way, I will have an HM slave for most of the game where I need one, seeing as I am going to have Metagross, which comes later in the game.

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Dont Worry Trachy, Emerald is My Best Moveset Game. Im Not as Good With The 1000s Of New Moves(of gen IV) and I Dont Even Know What Half of them do. So As There Are Good Simple Movesets for Emerald and Gen III.

Swampert: Your Moveset is Good Except Ur Kind Of Missing Ice Beam. Try To Get A Swampert With A Special Attack Nature So It Can Use Ice Beam(YOU NEED ICE BEAM FOR THE ELITE 4! I WOULD know, I Had To Teach It To My Aggron To Beat The E 4 in Emerald) I Would Replace Rock Slide For It(Brick Break Is Too Helpful against the E 4, Taking out Glacia, and Sydney).

Metagross: Your Moveset for metagross is Also Good. The Best You Can Get For It(Especially Sludge Bomb Being Pshysical:)

Salamance: Great, But Ummmmmmm, You Do Know That You Cant Get A Bagon Until You Get Waterfall? And You Get Bagons At Lvl 25 or so, so I your going with Salamacnce, Be Ready To Train It ALOT! But Anyway, Thats A Good Moveset For Salamnce, if it Has A Special Attack Nature(DRAGON MOVES WERE SPECIAL IN GEN III!!) SO YOU NEED A SPECIAL ATTACK NATURE!!

Breloom: First Of all, Great Choice, breloom is By Far, In My Opinion, The Best Fighting Type of All The Games. For A Moveset, I Would Say: Sky Uppercut(focus Punch Takes 2 Turns, plus has low pp, and well, im just not a focus punch fan. You Can Keep it if you want.......), Giga Drain(Great Move, Great Move, But Make Sure, ur Breloom has Decent Sp. Attack:), Headbutt/Strength(for Some Backup), and Swords Dance.

Dusclops: I Would Suggest Teaching it Toxic. Not Much More Needs To Be Said. Thunderbolt is also good for it, along with Ice Beam, Shadow Ball is Good Too, and well, thats about it, for Dusclops:)

Manectric: Amazing Electric Type, amazing........I Would Teach it Thunderbolt, Crunch(egg move), Quick Attack/Return, and Thunder Wave.

Hope This Helps:)

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Thanks for the help Swampert. I think I've decided what I am going to do:

Swampert: Ice Beam, Brick Break, Surf, Earthquake
Metagross: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Meteor Mash.
Salamence: Fly, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Crunch
Breloom: Spore, Focus Punch, Swords Dance, Strength
Dusclops: Shadow Punch, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Thunderpunch
Manectric: Thunderbolt, Return, Bite, Thunder Wave.
Great, chat now:)
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Well, swords dance is not that good if your only physical move is focus punch. I would get rid of it from breloom. I see the strategy with him, but it would take so long to set up that you would probably faint before you would use a hurting move.

Ludicolo with rain dish would be a good addition. Since you use rain dance to make thunder have to hit, water moves be stronger, and get healed with rain dish, it is definetly worth it.

Salamence is fine as he is along with swampertm and metagross.

Shadow ball is a good choice for dusclops. But if you want the 100% accuracy then shadow punch is needed.

P.S You only have two HMs so you might need an HM slave.

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