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Ok so I'm trying to get a specific nature for a Pokemon.
I save before it hatches, and then after it hatches I check the nature. If it's not the one I want I soft reset the game and hatch it again.

I figured I would get a different nature, but instead I got the same nature.
I kept resetting but everytime it was the same nature and it never changed.

So does soft resetting work for natures? Or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Are you saving after you get the egg? You need to save before you get the egg from the Daycare man, not just before it hatches. Natures/ shininess/ IVs etc. are set once you get the egg.

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Oh you mean I save before I get the egg from the daycare man?
Late reply, but yes - you need to save before you receive the egg.
Ok, thx marz, ugh so much running to do :P
No Flame Body/ Magma Armour Pokemon? But yea, still a lot of cycling...
nope, I dont have a flame body poke in platinum :/ or magma armour
I just checked; Magby or Slugma? Those are kinda the only ones. Flame Body seems hard to get before Gen V...