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I've seen some interesting videos about Mew and Mewtwo.

  • They say that Mewtwo escaped from a scientific lab and went somewere unkown.
  • In FireRed and LeafGreen,in Cinnabar Island there is the Pokemon Mansion.Where you can find documents that have information on Mew and Mewtwo.They say the followig sentenses: July 5 Guyana,South America,a new Pokemon has been discovered deep in the jungle. and this : July 10 We christened the newly discovered Pokemon,Mew
    also this one : Feb,6 Mew Gave Birth,we named the newborn Mewtwo
    what in the world is happening here ?
  • Also in the Pokemon Mansion you can see Mewtwo statues with secret switces in them.
  • in Faraway Island,in the Hoenn region,which can only be accesed from a certain event,is the place where you can catch Mew,There is a Signboard with the following Sentenses : ...Ber,6th day.If any human...sets foot here...again...et...it be a kindhearted pers... ith...that hope,I depar...
    what is that all about ?
    Who wrote this and why ?
  • Why are the documents inside Pokemon Mansion ? and what role does the Mansion play with this story ?
  • Has Mr.Fuji anything to do whith this ?
  • Has Team Rocket anything to do with Mew and Mewtwo ?

EDIT : The documents also say this : Sept.1 Mewtwo is far to powerful.We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies...

How do these events connect with each other ?

Video skip to 1.27

I've searced everywere and I can't find the answer.
Please read my question carefully before you answer.

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Mewtwo was a scientific experiment gone wrong from what I remember from the first Pokemon film. It was made with dna of Mew and escaped to this island thingy. Though I never played fire red and leaf green so I don't really know the in game story and whether its linked to the anime in any way
ok,i'll wait for someone who has
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all these questions are freaking me out. its so mysterious and creepy.
blobyolo mew went to the island, mewtwo escaped to cerulean cave.

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So I remember watching the film.

Mew is discovered in South America by a Team of Scientist lead by Mr.Fuji (Not Team Rocket). They report their findings a christen the Pokemon 'Mew'. They also find a hair sample belonging to Mew so take it back for examining.
Team Rocket steal the DNA sample and use it to make a stronger clone of Mewtwo in the hope to create the most powerful Pokemon ever. Unfortunately for them Mewtwo is far too powerful and it therefore destroys the lab.
Giovanni (Leader of team rocket) tricks Mewtwo into training with him to harness his power.
Giovanni builds Mewtwo a suit which allows Mewtwo to harness his power. But then Mewtwo realises that he is being used as a weapon so destroys the suit and flies of into the Pokeworld.

Information on the Faraway Island sign:
>On the island is a sign with old, fading writing dated the 6th day of a month; in the English localization, this month ends in "ber", but in the Japanese version, it is only known that it is a month name. Also, exclusively in the Japanese version is a remnant of a signature at the end of the message, ジ ji; this is commonly assumed to be Fuji. Whether it refers to Mr. Fuji or Dr. Fuji, both of whom may actually be the same character, is unknown.
This island could be the Guyanese jungle referenced in the Pokémon Mansion journals.
~ Bulbapedia

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Τhanks guys ! I really appreciate your help ! +1 to all :D
no problemo. and thanks for the extra point. thanks a LOT. +1 to you, too
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i will answer your questions in order:

1.They say mewtwo went somwhere unknown? he most likely went to cerulean cave.
2.those sentences you listed are probably part of a scientists journal, going day by day, watching the process of creating mewtwo
3. thats probably some coincedince, but you never know...
4. they were probably saying stuff about, well, the player!if any human sets foot here again... it be a kind hearted person... with that hope...you get it? and I dont know who wrote it.
5.what do you mean?! mr. fuji's a nice person who lives in lavender town. if you mean DR. FUJI, thats another story... dr. fuji was the one who came up with the cloning idea and was hired by giovanni, and ran a team of scientists. after mewtwo was created, he blew up the lab and killed every one, including fuji
6.yes. after all, whos the one who hired dr. fuji to do the cloning idea? GIOVANNI! and whos the head of team rocket? GIOVANNI! I rest my case.
7. I dont know what role the mansion plays. maybe the journal was there for safekeeping, maybe the owner found it in kanto. anything's possible
and how these events connect? one way or another, they all mention mew and/or mewtwo

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ok Teod...you have almost answered you q...As you have said mewtwo was in a lab.
Some scietists collected ancient DNA from Mew...then they tried to creat a clone of Mew....they created a different Pokemon that it was too strong to be kept in a laboratory.
Jiovanni,the team Rocket's boss discovered the existance of Mewtwo and captured it ,to use for a bad cause of course.

   As for the games FireRed and L eafGreen ,GameFreak just wanted to use the legend of the 2 Pokemon and they created the cinabar's mansion for the games.

FARAWAY island is the place that that mew lives.....its just a part of the game,u know rayquaza lives in sky pillar ,kyuogre in Marine cave.etc.
The anime and movies have nothing to do with gemes .....they are 2 difffernt categories.

P.S;it would really help if you could watch the 1st Pokemon movie.


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here ill put it simply

  1. mew dna found
    2.mew2 escapes
  2. mew2 defeats gary
  3. mew2 kidnaps nurse joy
    5.ash goes to battle him
  4. clone fight
  5. ash dies
  6. ash comes back to life
  7. mew2 and clones go th johto
    10.giovanni attacks mew2
  8. ash saves mew2 again


mew2 born out of mew ( FIGURATIVLY OR LITERALLY)


Red sees mew
team rocket attacks mew
green robs red
red sees mew2


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