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After applying 252 HP EVs, and 31 HP IVs.

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Do you mean how much hp a pokemon with 16 base hp would have if it got 252 EVs?
Yes, Jofly.

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Well between Wobbuffet and Wailord there is 20 base stat points which after max evs and ivs at lv 100 count for 40 stat points. Going on this basis your 16 BHP Pokemon should be between Diglett (10 BHP) and Mime Jr (20BHP).
They total 20 stat points (at max evs ect) to prove my previous theory.
4x2=8 This means that its Mime Jrs max HP-8 which equals to 236 at max (lv 100)
Sorry this was hard to read.

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Wow this is a much bettter answer than mine +1