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For... what? In-game? Competitive? HM Slave? What's the rest of your team?
You've not given enough information for someone to answer this well.
The tag says black-white-2 and I think in-game but idk
in game
& the rest of your team?
Could you put the rest of your team? It makes it easier to choose.
the thing is my team S.U.C.K.S
It doesn't matter if your team sucks. We're interested in answering the question, and not criticizing your team.

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Well, both learn the same HM moves, so both can be good use for an HM slave
Talking competetitively, I'd say choose Empoleon, but heres some pros and cons of useing Both

-Steel typing gives it a lot of resistances
-Has a larger movepool than Samurott
-Better defenses

-Less HP than samurott
-Being steel type gives him weakness against the popular earthquake

-You can make him a mixed sweeper
-Has a high HP stat
-Has more type coverage than Empoleon

-His speed is still low, and his defenses cant make up for that

The decision ir yours tho, hope I helped

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id go with the penguin pokemon
samurott looks weird.
also empoleon's base sp atk is 111, while samurott's one is 108.
Empoleon's Steel typing makes it lose the Grass weakness, buut it becomes weak to Fighting and Ground.
It's not about the looks, Lynx 33. It's just about who is stronger and better for the team. But in m opinion, I'd choose  Samurott. It's a useful Pokémon, AND strong. :-)