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It said good in a event of some sort. What does it mean?

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Premier Ball!

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> Normal Chance of Catching a Pokémon

> Given to you after you have purchased your 10th Pokéball

In short, it's just a regular Pokéball that has a cool release-effect, much like a contest balls. You can get these early on after buying 10 regular Pokemon, and they're just special because they look different/cool when the Pokémon is sent out.

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>The Premier Ball (プレミアボール Premier Ball) was created for a special event. It is entirely white except for the band around the middle which is red. According to the official Pokémon Colosseum game guide, it has the same catch rate as a regular Poké Ball, Catch rate = 1 (((( 4 Max HP - 2 HP ) Catch Rate ) / Max HP ) + Status + 1 ) / 256. But "it looks cooler." It can be obtained by purchasing 10 regular Poké Balls from a shop (Generation III onward).-Pokemon Wiki

So basically they are just the regular Pokeball with a different design. So they can catch anything but are not so great.