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I want to know whether I can use transform and then make a love ball more effective.

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So you're asking if the catch multiplier applies if you have a Ditto transform into the Pokemon you're trying to catch?
I believe not, since you’ll transform into the same gender as the other Pokémon, as well.
Which game is this? Love balls are boosted on same-gender Pokemon only in GSC.
I edited this question to be less specific.
Why. Just why.
Why should we have 2 extremely similar questions when we can have 1 less specific question?

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No, however there are certian cases where the wild Pokémon can use transform to increase its catch rate.

There is nothing you can do about the catch rate using transform from your side.

How do you know?
Common sense. What you do doesn’t affect the catch rate. Only when the opponent uses transform is the catch rate affected.
I'm with sumwun here. "Common sense" is a pretty terrible thing to use as your defense to an answer, especially when the thing you're considering to be common sense isn't really common sense at all.
The question refers to how a specific mechanic work, that being of the love ball. At least actually address the specific contention with your 'common sense'.
The actual question title doesn’t specify any poke ball so I assume he is talking about the generic poke ball. My answer still applies to a love ball tho. Seeing how the catch rate of a Pokémon using a love ball is not affected when you use transform.
You don't just take the title into consideration. The description is there for a reason, to add additional context. if you can't be bothered to read then don't answer the question.

The question was mostly referring to if transform changing the pokemon's gender would affect the love ball catch rate, not necessarily if the mechanics of transforms inherently affect the generic catch rates.