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Well, x4 Grass weakness or x4 Electric weakness. I would actually go with Omastar because Gyarados got a huge attack stat but no STAB moves that get use of it. Omastar got a great Sp.Atk stat that Omastar get use of.

Do I have to put Movesets? I'll try my best

If you want Item I would go with Leftovers which is easy to find in Pokemon red version

Surf: I guess you will use this Pokemon as a surf Pokemon and Hydro Pump sucks in-game because only 5 PP

Ice Beam: The most usable Ice type move for Omastar If you dont want Blizzard

Seismic Toss: Does Damage Equal your level = usefull

Toxic: Stall them with your great defence stat

Hope you like it


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There were no leftovers in Pokemon Red :P Unless he's talking about FireRed.
And you can have a dancing Pokemon.
But then he was kicked out of the disco in Gen2.
Is Seismic toss a totur move?