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Hi. I've just started a new file on Pokemon Soul Silver.
I want my team to be Level 55 before I take on the first round of Elite 4.
This is the team I want in this file:

Tyhplosion; Moves: Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Sunny Day, Solarbeam; Nature: Rash
Dragonite; Moves: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Fly, Ice Punch; Nature: Lonely
Slowking; Moves: Ice Beam, Surf, Psychic, Light Screen; Nature: Modest
Gengar; Moves: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Thunder, Sludge Bomb; Nature: Gentle
Magnezone; Moves: Thunderbolt, Rain Dance, Thunder, Flash Cannon; Nature: Modest
Tyranitar; Moves: Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Ice Fang; Nature: Relaxed

And that could be possible if all my Pokemon are level 55, excluding all of the moves.
I don't care how long it takes, because I wanna be ready for Kanto the second I beat Lance.


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I would just recommend battling on the route before Victory Road. It's teeming with trainers, and they will sometimes ask for rematches if you give your number. Battle with all your Pokemon to evenly LV them up, but don't sweat it with Typlosion. In Soul Silver, I literally got through the whole Elite Four with just Typlosion(around LV 49), and I used the rest on Lance. Your Typlosion will gain enough levels from the Elite Four, so don't worry about it.

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so should i delete eruption?
Delete Cut. You can always reteach it later.
but where do i delete cut
in blackthorn city in the house with the move relearner
oh thanks very much
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Victory Road is a good place to train (also get plenty of Defense EVs from the Pokemon there, but you're likely filled up on EVs already). In all reality, though, once you have the Type-affinity items (Magnet, Mystic Jewel, Twisted Spoon, etc) for Pokemon LV 48+, you can indeed get through them with little to no difficulty.
Source: my experience (SoulSilver).

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One of the most useful ways for me to train was re-matching all the Gym leaders

This is especially effective because it lets you train certain types easily
Ex. You want to level up Typhlosion easily, so you should Fight Bugsy, and so on

If you accumulate enough numbers, you should be able to have at least one battle every day depending on your timing.

More good places to train are:

-The routes joining Kanto and Johto leading to victory road (all the strongest trainers in the wild are pretty much all here)

-Mt. Silver (There are a lot of strong Pokemon here. It's similar to victory road, but many are higher level... victory road Pokemon were stronger in earlier generations)

another good type-specific places are: Seafoam Islands (tons of water types, all decent level when you go deep enough)

This is the first time so two of your suggestion don't work. The third which does work has already been suggested