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I want to make poffins to evolve feebas

Urgh Poffins. Good luck with that.
http://www.psypokes.com/dp/poffin.php - is a good guide, but that's all I can offer as help.

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Poffin making in DPPt is a lot more difficult than making PokeBlocks in RSE, which is why I personally transfer over all of my contest Pokemon after maxing out their traits in RSE.

However, there's a process to it. When the batter has low viscosity or is more liquidy, go at an even, steady pace keeping it as close to the edges as possible without going over and while keeping your stylus towards the edge of the batter. Once you notice it starting to thicken up, go a little faster until you find the right pace to keep going. When it's at its final stage and it wants you to stir it as fast as you can, keep your stylus a little closer to the center and whip it as fast as you can.

Thank you! I was just going to ask this question!
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What Pink Minccino said is correct. I would also like to point out the following.

Poffins may come out better when made with a friend. If you can connect with other people, do. Note, however, that certain Berrys do not mix well with each other, or cancel each other out.
Dry weakens Spicy, Spicy weakens Sour, which weakens Bitter, which weakens Sweet, and Sweet weakens Dry to complete the circle.

Sources are the Pokemon Platinum Offical Game Guide, and experience.

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To make poffins you need berries. Look at the berries tag before you put them in the bowl. Then it usually says what flavour they are on the label so you can decide what flavour to make. Before you ask the lady about making them look at your Pokemon and see what flavour they like. That way you know what sort of poffins to make! Try not to spill or burn your poffins, then you have pretty much a PERFECT poffin!!! :)