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I was trying to evolve Feebas and I know you can use the Prism Scale with trade, but I think I heard that the conditions were still there. Anyway's if they are still in effect I want to know how I could raise the Beauty condition. I kinda thought my answer would be in Pokemon-Amie cause the Poke Puffs kinda resembled Poffins. Plus the Poke Puffs had different taste just like the Poffins which also lead me to believe they were like Poffins. Thank You!


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Yes, these conditions are still in effect in Pokemon X & Y

>A Feebas's Beauty, when raised to 170 Beauty points or more, will cause it to evolve into Milotic when it is next leveled up. This evolution method still works in Generations V and VI, although there is no way to raise Feebas's Beauty in these generations, requiring use of the Prism Scale for Feebas which do not have a maxed-out Beauty condition to evolve.

In other words, if you transfer a Feebas with a max Beauty stat transferred from generations III-IV, it will keep that beauty stat in generations V-VI, thus allowing it to evolve on leveling up in these generations. Therefore, Pokemon maintain their contest stats from generation to generation, although there is no way to raise these stats from Generation V onward.

Source: Bulbapedia

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I presume this is a surprise setup for OR/AS. :P
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Since beauty is no longer a thing in X/Y you can't obtain a Feebas like that. You can only evolve your Feebas via trade, holding the Prism Scale.

You can get the Prism Scale in these locations:

  • Couriway Town (Regenerates over time)
  • Pokémon Village (Shaking trash cans)
  • Lumiose City (North Boulevard)

As Mew said, it won't work with Pokemon Amie either because they don't raise stats.

Hope I helped.