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Please help me out here~!

My feebas is full (Dry poffins, trying to evolve her D:) and she still isn't beautiful enough yet. What I'm getting at here is, Is there any way to get her sheen down? She needs more dry poffins if she's going to evolve...

Dunno if this is important, but this is Pearl edition, and she's level 20.

Thanks in advance~!

Level doesn't matter I think, and I'm pretty sure you can't lower sheen level. Just grab a ditto and breed it and try again :)

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Considering that you can only feed any one Pokemon a limited number of poffins, you'll need to start again if Feebas' beauty isn't high enough, though try levelling up Feebas first. If she doesn't evolve, you'll need to start again (from memory beauty doesn't need to be exactly maxed, just very high, but I might be wrong).

Your best option is to get/ breed a Feebas that has a nature which likes the dry flavour, so Modest, Mild, Quiet and Rash all like dry flavoured Poffins. You should also only feed your Feebas high quality poffins made from berries that have a high dry stat.

>Pamtre - 30
Chilan - 25
Cornn - 20
Charti - 20

Serebii - dry berry chart

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Thanks, my feebas is already quiet natured, so I have that covered. So I suppose there is no way to feed her more? Dang, I'll have to try again. I was using mostly pamtre berries, but oh well x'D Although I was using some chesto berries as well, guess they weren't high enough x'D
Yea Chesto is only 10. You basically need to force feed your Feebas Poffins made from Pamtre. :I