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I've been trying to get a chansey holding a lucky egg all day, I've got a venonat with compoundeyes and I'm on route 209. It's hard enought to find a chansey but when I do, it either has an oval stone or nothing.

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Funny thing is, I was looking for a Sharp Beak from a Dodrio in the wild in Gen 3 (5%), and I actually found a Shiny Oddish before that xD
how i hate it when people edit my things -.-

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True, there is a legit answer here already, but here's what I'd recommend to save time.

Try a Pokemon with the Frisk ability. It lets you see the item they hold so you can save the time of trying to catch a Chansey. It's stupid how hard they are to catch. (If available, Frisk is on some Stantler and Shuppet/Banette, so that's in postgame. Odd how they'd introduce it in Gen 4 and the only Gen 4 Pokemon that gets it is in the Gen 5 Dream World.)

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Great idea.
Very nice idea. +1
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Chansey holding a lucky egg is a 5% chance. So extremely rare. Oval stone is 50% chance.

Just keep trying